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Star Hime-Anime-v2
Tiny group about anime

Group Founder: warded
Description: Tiny group about anime now, big one later ?
Group Type: Public join
Members: 17
Category: Entertaintment & Media > General

Topics (11)

go Last japanese/anime song you heard? [66] warded
KOKIA - FATE music2.gif

go What are you watching? (32) warded

go Avatar the last air-bender (0) warded
Is NOT anime redalert.gifAir bending sounds like farting by the way...

go ** CHAT BOX ** (16) warded
Fire away. cheers.gif

go Crunchyroll on Nintendo Switch (19) warded
Let's list actually FREE/GOOD anime here.

go MANGA UP by Square-Enix (1) warded
wtf.gif More like manga fkk Up!

go Serious Business Chat Rooms (IRC) (5) warded
NEWS and NIBL on Rizon Chat Network.see for reference

go Application (4) warded

go Media Playback (3) warded

go Japanese/Anime Radio Stations (MP3) (1) warded
Armitage's Dimension RadioShinsen-RadioYggdrasil Radior/a/dioAnimeNfo Radio

go Them animes (1) warded
Might as well...

Photos (16)

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Polls (1)

go Nani?

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