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Subject: ** CHAT BOX **
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warded 15.08.19 - 05:49pm
Fire away. cheers.GIF *

warded 17.08.19 - 01:57pm
I'm a bit out of touch with latest anime since 2016 forward... Mostly been watching mainstream stuff and some recommendations. Attack on titan, castlevania, Maid Dragon, Jashin-Chan etc. Also older stuff like Laughing Salesman. *

warded 17.08.19 - 02:03pm
I got my hands full with Games (large backlog), Movies (Bunch of them to see) and TV Shows (Family Guy, Simpsons etc.)... *

warded 17.08.19 - 06:30pm
Checking out stuff tagged as 'Comedy' on aniDB work.GIF *

warded 7.09.19 - 03:34pm
Group called [Trap]. Their releases broke my MPV LOL.GIF Had to reset/rebuild it... *

warded 30.09.19 - 03:37pm
Been watching some Upotte. *

warded 9.03.20 - 01:10pm
Dragon Quest Film is out. *

warded 9.06.21 - 02:32pm
AI the Somnium files (a game) is quite Japanese / Anime-like. Also even though i had it on Japanese voices, the ending song was in English. Also getting the true good ending unlocked Dance Mode... *

warded 5.09.21 - 06:28pm
They are actually making a sequel to that game. *

warded 25.12.21 - 01:00pm
Meri Kurisumasu minna san *

warded 18.02.22 - 06:09pm
Crunchyroll on Switch !! *

warded 6.06.22 - 06:23pm
NOTE to self: SPYxFAMILY , Ranking of Kings *

warded 3.11.22 - 02:35am
SxF is now premium only on CR sad.GIF *

warded 3.11.22 - 08:00pm
They (CR) just walled off detective conan... I'm not even mad, but d*mn... *

warded 15.02.23 - 09:25pm
Nagatoro Season 2 is premium only. Though it is still ongoing. *

warded 20.02.23 - 05:22pm
SPYxFAMILY seems okay. Seen the mandatory four episodes and my DROP or NOT rating is: Continue Watching. good.GIF Also the kid's name is ANIA with an i, not an y. *

warded 22.03.23 - 06:53pm
Library had a dragon theme day. Borrowed Warcraft and Monster Hunter Mangas. *

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